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Stage 1. Preparation and expert presentation of the CP.

Stage 2. Survey and project decision.

We clarify details of the problem. Examining the company's business processes. Explaining what can be improved to reduce costs and increase profit. We develop a project solution: a description of the product and target results → road map → project implementation strategy.

Stage 3: Execution of the work.

Step 4. "Combat implementation" with the participation of the client's employees.

Stage 5: Support.

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At the heart of our work is a new technology of project management, which not only guarantees achievement of expected changes in the company, but also gives effect at the very start of the project
- The technology combines the best of two popular technologies: Agile and Waterfall.

1) The conventional approach involves the use of Waterfall methodology, in which the stages are not revised after they are approved. For example, if you have approved the ToR, it will no longer be updated, even if new data becomes available.

But it is impossible, for example at the design stage, to predict what new information will emerge at the implementation stage. Accordingly, most decisions will be based on assumptions, assumptions and generalizations. As a result, a system will be built that is no longer relevant and does not correspond to the real picture at the enterprise.

2) The second standard system of project management - Agile, which involves planning for a short period (a week) without a detailed TOR. This technology is suitable for making decisions when it is completely unclear which way to go and how to best approach the task.

The technology we developed is characterized by the flexibility of Agile and forecasting Waterfall!

We don't write out a detailed TOR, but we form a concept of the project and develop a general implementation plan, broken down in stages, lasting 1-2 months. The work is built in weekly iterations. When one stage is completed, the team submits the results to the customer and begins planning a new one, taking into account lessons learned, new knowledge, and a new vision. When the last stage is completed, the functionality is handed over to the customer or we take over the maintenance.

1. Allows you to build a system that will solve the customer's problem.
2. Reduces the time to implement the project.
3. Allows you to calculate the budget with an error of up to 20%.
4. Useful effect already at the beginning of the project. Already after the first stage, the client receives the result, which can be used in his activities.