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This solution is designed to automate accounting, planning and performance control of your company. This tool will help to implement the current business strategy at all levels of management.

Implementation of the tool will have the following effect:

● Reduced period close times and high quality IFRS consolidated reporting. Increased control over CAPEX and OPEX thanks to advanced budgeting, investment project management and modeling functions;

Convenient tools for forecasting, attracting and placing liquidity, assessing, limiting and hedging credit, interest and currency risks;

Efficient working capital management thanks to implemented best practices of centralized procurement automation;

Reduction of tax risks and tax planning by using corporate tax management functions in international companies;

Comfortable integration with accounting systems on "1C" platform, including transcripts to external systems documents.
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This is a specialized comprehensive ERP solution, which belongs to the class of CPM, that is Corporate Performance Management.

Such holding management with 1C complex ERP allows to automate a number of tasks, which are associated with economic and financial planning, accounting, performance control, treasury work. Corporate programs 1C: Management of a holding (electronic license) can be used for organizations with different scales of activity. Simply choose the configuration which is suitable to your needs and available resources. Our employees will study the information about your business and offer various options.
1C: Holding Management
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Main features of the system
1C: Management of Holding:
Keeping accounts, optimized accounting according to IFRS;
Budgeting: budget control using special tools of 1C;

Diverse integration capabilities;

Control over contracts, purchases, registration of orders, sales support;

Implementation, use of universal business processes through 1C;
Business analysis using software tools 1C;
Planning, accounting, maintenance, control of investment projects of the company;
Using such tools as "payment factory", limiting during settlements and transfers;

Improving the efficiency of receivables and payables management through the "Centralized Treasury" subsystem, reconciliation with counterparties;
Integration of "Risk-Management" subsystem with the "Balanced Scorecard" subsystem allows you to organize a unified system of risk management in the company;
1C: Group Management belongs to specialized software solutions in the sphere of automation and simplification of business processes of groups of companies. The use of licenses of such major software and 1C tools (corporate supply) makes management effective, allows to optimize and automate business activities.
1C: Holding Management is a business process management platform for the entire corporation
Electronic version of 1C: Holding Management is based on 1C: Enterprise. This software product, in its turn, combines the capabilities and functionality of such comprehensive solutions as 1C: Accounting PROF (including 1C: Procurement configuration) and 1C: Consolidation. Therefore the core product 1C: Holding Management is ideally suited for full-scale automation of the processes by managing companies. The following key corporate programs and functions of 1C: Enterprise are used for this purpose:
● control, accounting and planning of purchases with the help of various 1C tools;
● analysis and efficiency evaluation of operational work with clients and partners;
● management of projects, contracts, financial flows of the enterprise via 1C;
Maintenance and optimization of accounting according to IFRS and RAS;
Management of warehouse and trade stock, production costs.
Control over work with budgetary institutions, including tax compliance.

Managerial accounting
Data analysis and dashboards
Financial analysis system
Strategy Management
Herewith 1C: Holding Management for optimization of fiscal and management accounting uses different functions. These are budgeting, work with investment and other projects, financial management, accounting and others. Budgeting with 1C: Enterprise (licenses) works using the implemented capabilities of 1C: Consolidation. These are tools such as modeling, planning, matching, and commenting.

The functionality of 1C: Holding Management (e-license corp) includes:
  • flexible configuration of such 1C functions as analytics, accounting, creation of budgeting models and IFRS reporting;
  • forecasting the dynamics of business indicators, the distribution of indicators, the use of "rolling" planning through 1C: Enterprise;
  • ERP complex, automation of planning and turnover;
  • management of all financial and organizational groups via 1C;
  • distribution of responsibility between all participants of budgetary and other processes;
  • harmonization of budgets, work with different areas and consolidation, data analysis using 1C: Holding Management:
  • training and personnel management;
  • lifecycle management of any object of the organization and subsidiaries.
Installation of such 1C: Holding Management subsystem as centralization and business analysis for management reporting, in accordance with BSC indicators gives an opportunity for visual modeling. It allows with the help of 1C complex tools and ERP automation to define strategic goals, analyze dynamics, take into account individual work process peculiarities.

The management-related capabilities of the 1C "Holding Management" solution include such analysis tools as:
  • analytical tools 1C: ITS for reports, special toolbars;
  • monitoring of key indicators, including how management is going;
  • Analysis of the necessary information in 1C about the business processes of all enterprises of the holding;
  • modeling through 1C, back calculation;
  • forecasting and process management via 1C: ITS.
Management of contracts and financial processes with 1C Holding Management allows you to optimize finances, the movement of all cash flows, to control them, to submit reports. 1C: Holding Management also allows using a convenient function "Factory of payments", set any limits, perform risk management. It helps to keep track of expenditures and control payments both for the group of companies as a whole and for separate subdivisions.

Investment planning and projects through 1C: ITS are carried out comprehensively - from project formation to completion. It provides control and management and imports special structures from Microsoft Project.

Centralized integrated management using 1C software products is used to collect and analyze the basic needs, the need for financial support, scoring of bids and suppliers. Separately, management through 1C allows you to control assets, make decisions, analyze their further movement.
Management of strategies via 1C works with the subsystem and according to the Balanced Scorecard. Key indicators can be different, and their choice is necessary for consistent decomposition of strategies and priorities. Additionally with 1C products and ERP automation you can use such tools as tax and accounting management, preparation and control of reporting. Special 1C application tools are used to control transactions, transfer financial data. 1C also allows you to manage master data, control information for all companies that are part of the structure of the firm.

Management with 1C Holding Management provides:
  • ERP, automation, accounting of all key functions using a variety of 1C tools;
  • variability in approach to budget limitation and control;
  • elaboration of regulated reporting with further analysis via 1C;
  • implementation of various 1C solutions for reporting, auditing and other activities.

1C system allows you to implement a variety of modern standard solutions that are best suited to the particular situation. You can regularly update the 1C Holding Management platform, new tools and configurations, useful services that can be easily integrated with already installed software.
The basis of our work is experience of rapid implementation with minimal defects
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How the work will be built and its cost
For the total cost of 1C:QoS software and licenses please refer to the 1C Products. Phone of the expert for consultation 8 800 201-33-75
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