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Implementation of ERP in food production LLC "Firma Tores"
modern meat-processing factory
about the customer
The main activity of "Firma Tores" LLC is production and sale of sausage products and ready-to-cook foods. The production is located in the city of Tuapse. The company is part of a holding company, which also has a retail network, as well as a food products distributor.
  • Meat and sausage products - a wide range of products from budget to premium class;
  • Semi-finished products of own production;
  • Culinary - salads, pastries and confectionery products for its own retail network.
Geography of sales:
  • Tuapse area,
  • Black Sea coast,
  • Adygea,
  • Krasnodar Region,
  • Rostov Region.
The main segments of the Company's clients are:
  • "Unorganized" retail - small retail facilities;
  • Own retail network, represented mainly in Tuapse region;
  • HoReCa - mainly holiday resorts on the Black Sea coast;
  • Federal and regional retail chains - Auchan, Lenta, Magnit, X5, Tabris, etc.
What we have been approached with
The absence of effective instruments for customer relations, marketing and sales management;

Lack of tools for operational planning of sales, purchasing and inventory;

Critical problems in accounting: incorrect balances, timeliness and reliability of reflecting transactions;

Lack of traceability of lots of raw materials and products in production;

Large labor costs and losses of time to reflect transactions in the accounting, the formation of regulated and management reporting; critical problems with the relevance and accuracy of management accounting data;

Lack of a single source of data for making management decisions - piecewise automated outdated information systems that do not allow the development of current business processes;

Problems with integration between accounting systems, VETIS, systems of operational production accounting and commercial functions (Agent+, Antor);

Critical problems with the performance of information systems, leading to significant financial losses due to malfunctions.
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Promptly transferred accounting department from outdated self-written 1C version 7.7 to a modern solution 1C: Enterprise Accounting.
Implemented 1C: ERP and transferred to a modern solution the main operational processes of the company from the outdated 1C version 7.7.
Integrated ERP with external systems (VETIS, ANTOR, Agent+, etc.) and other accounting systems of the holding.
This made it possible to
Manage each item produced in terms of margins.
Eliminate "freezing" of money in circulation.
Efficiently manage balances, keeping losses to a minimum.
Expanded planning horizons to 2 months.


During implementation, a number of the Customer's business processes were optimized, taking into account the best practices incorporated in the 1C ERP.

Increased efficiency, reduced labor and time costs through automation of the key business processes of the customer, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise and industry specifics.

Accounting quality in all automated processes has been increased.

Infrastructure of the 1C ERP information system was developed and deployed, which provides a single source of information, a powerful database, system scaling, as well as quality and easy maintenance of the Customer's business processes.
Set up and optimized integration with third-party tools and information systems, which reduced the number of errors and losses due to data exchange and human factor.
Employees were trained to work in the new functionality, and instructions for working with the system were prepared.
Specific features of the client's business
Features that required additional modifications to the standard version of the product being implemented.
  • We added the requisites for labeling and bar-coding of products;
  • The structure of data on certification has been expanded;
  • new details for procurement planning;
  • details for production accounting have been added;
  • details used in marketing and sales processes have been added;
  • the structure of details for accounting records has been expanded.
Marketing and sales management
  • Tools and data structures for accounting and controlling the execution of assortment sales matrices were developed;
  • an automated workstation for planning marketing campaigns was developed;
  • pricing mechanisms were finalized, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise.
Planning of purchases, production and sales
  • standard planning documents were supplemented with details that take into account the industry specifics;
  • an automated workstation for procurement planning has been developed.
Integration with VETIS, ICIT, Agent+, Antor, Kontur, 1C:Retail
  • EDI-order exchange subsystem was added to the standard configuration;
  • the block of integration with VETIS was optimized;
  • the standard configuration was supplemented by subsystems to work with Agent+ and ANTOR; the integration tools were supplemented and optimized;
  • RM for group formation of cash documents according to the data of mobile clients was developed;
  • RM for automated formation of accounting documents according to the data from the production accounting of packaging and labeling of products was developed;
  • integration with the warehouse management system (ISIT) has been completed;
  • integration with the accounting systems of own distributors
food products. (based on 1C:Retail).
Vehicle Accounting
  • The standard configuration was supplemented with a subsystem Auto-Transport Management;
  • in the subsystem, the function of generating accounting documents according to the operative accounting of motor vehicles - registration of services to own subdivisions and write-off of fuel and lubricants was updated.
Cost calculation and cost allocation algorithms to the financial result
  • Tools were developed for setting up distribution based on the specifics of the company;
  • finalized algorithms for distributing production costs to subdivisions and production lots in proportion to the labor intensity of products manufactured;
  • algorithms for allocation of costs to financial result in the context of departments were finalized;
  • mechanisms for reflecting marketing tools in the financial result were finalized.
The chains of forming document sequences by events were automated - automatic generation of related documents in the processes of return, assembly/disassembly, movement and write-off
To gradually transfer accounting blocks from existing systems into 1C ERP, integration with existing systems based on 1C 7.7 platform was implemented
Integration with enterprise accounting 3.0 database
  • finalized a standard exchange plan between the 1C ERP and the Accounting Office of the Enterprise 3.0 for the integration of non-current assets accounting and the specifics of the finalized mechanisms in 1C ERP.
  • Multi-threaded creation of shipping documents was implemented due to the fact that during the night up to several thousand orders are shipped;
  • optimized and redesigned the mechanism of batch printing of shipping documents to ensure smooth operation of employees;
  • a group of automated workstations for night employees was implemented
to ensure highly productive work was implemented.
We banked on you based on your experience and the carte blanche that arose - the trust that the owners gave us. During the project, I had no doubt at all that the choice was the right one, because the team proved to be highly professional and we received clear project management within the established requirements. And we always heard feedback from your managers and specialists on the tasks we faced. In the process of working together, I also formed a powerful team of innovators and reformers, people that I can count on when putting together other projects.
Elena Sotnikova
Chief Financial Officer
Tores Ltd.
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