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BOBDAY is ready for a fast and personalized interaction with customers for the digital evolution
and further growth of your company.

BOBDAY offers convenient solutions for business automation in Saint Petersburg.


The Bobday team is a strong pool of IT-specialists from various fields, managed by ex-TOPs of the Magnit chain.

Struggling to get ahead of the competition, but lacking managerial power and manual control began to fail?

It's time to automate management and switch to modern software for business.

We at Bobday are ready to help with tasks of different level of complexity: from automation setup and ERP system implementation to development of our own software.

We provide business automation through the development, implementation and maintenance of software products in St. Petersburg.
The need for such solutions arises when the company starts to grow manifold or when the existing management system can no longer cope with the rapidly growing needs of the company.

We are also ready to help with software development and implementation of modern digital solutions designed to meet the needs of customers.
We specialise in
implementation of complex IT solutions for large
and medium-sized businesses
70+ senior and middle+ class developers and consultants
50+ completed projects
The team is led by ex- top managers of federal companies
Completed projects in companies with 300,000+ employees
Any level of complexity
In 90% of cases, they come to us for a solution to a single problem.

For example:
  • calculate the cost of production,
  • set up warehouse accounting,
  • improve security in a company,
  • speed up shipment processes,
  • improve customer service,
  • make the company easily manageable in the face of rapid growth,
  • reduce inventory and maintenance costs.


We strive to look for the root of the problem, not to offer one-day solutions. We study the problem from all sides and offer a comprehensive solution to develop or implement a ready-made digital solution for the organization

If you need help choosing a software product or would like to make an order, then:


You will be able to nurture
and increase profits.
Protection of commercial secrets. Your documents under lock and key.
All processes are visible. You control and analyze the situation.
To generate the report you need, just set the parameters and click the button.
The management will receive a convenient tool for monitoring processes and setting tasks to employees.
Customers will appreciate the speed and quality of service. A loyalty program can be implemented.
Why do you need business process automation?
When you switch to automatic management of business processes a single information field is formed. Business automation establishes communication between marketing, sales, production and customer service, HR and other departments.

Implementation of automated solutions helps you monitor and manage business processes taking into account the current situation in real time.

Implementation of 1C: ERP and automation of basic business processes will bring management of your enterprise to a new level. In addition to implementing ready-made solution 1C: ERP, we can develop software specifically for your business, current conditions and existing equipment.
The introduction of modern automation systems such as 1C:ERP or CRM allows:
  • analyze and control the situation in real time;
  • reduce the number of errors;
  • reduce the workload and make the work of each employee more efficient and meaningful for the company;
  • to bring enterprise management to a new level by rational distribution of resources;
  • avoid duplication of tasks, waste and loss of information.

We will help you not only to implement software products for trade automation, but also to train your employees
and provide support in the further work of the organization.
ERP implementation in LLC "Firma Tores" food production
- modern meat processing factory

What we were approached with:
1) Constant problems with the system: "freezes", the data periodically disappeared from the database, there was no instructional material for beginners.
2) The lack of tools for the formation of management reporting and operational data analysis.
3) The need for a system that could integrate all the successful experience that already existed in the company for further growth and development.
4) The automation tasks were done post factum, by adding them into the standard 1C:7.7.

What we did:
1) Transitioned the accounting department from 1C7.7 to 1C8 without fail.
2) Effectively integrated ERP with external systems.

This allowed:
1) Expanded planning "horizons" to 2 months.
2) Efficiently manage balances, reducing them to a minimum.
3) Eliminate "freezing" of money in circulation.
4) Manage each item produced in terms of margin.

And last but not least, the managers of the company now have the ability to effectively and quickly make management decisions.
Automation of Budgeting and Treasury at the Rodiyar Group of Companies

What we were approached with:
1) The current architecture of IT systems does not allow for operational control over the financial activities of the company.
2) Outdated configurations of information systems, removed from support (1C UPP), require expensive investments in development.
3) High labor costs to ensure financial control of the company.

What we did:
Implemented and adapted to the objectives of the enterprise automation system of budgeting and treasury.

This allowed:
Centralize the preparation of CFA budgets, consolidate budgets to the level of the company's budget:
1) Improve the quality of formed budgets.
2) Control the influence of indicators on each other during budget planning.
3) Allocate areas of responsibility in budget planning.

Create and control the limits of subsidies:
1) Control exceeding of limits on the TDS budget at the level of payment planning.
2) Manage CFA limits in one database - Holding Management.
3) Allocate areas of responsibility when coordinating outgoing payments.

Most importantly, the result is the centralization of the Treasury - the creation and coordination of all payment registers in one "Holding Management" database.
The system of budget planning in the agricultural holding "Agrotek

What we were approached with:
1) The budgeting process was unnecessarily long because of manual labor.
2) Plan-fact analysis was delayed (for the same reason).
3) Due to the lack of clear regulations, errors and inconsistencies were made in budgeting.

What we did:
Fully automated and customized budgeting:
1) Created a structure for storing the staff schedule.
2) Developed payroll budgeting tools.
3) Configured budget forms, algorithms of filling and consolidation of budget items, reports.

Regulated the budgeting business process and budget model.

Developed tools for automated filling budgets based on sales plans, staff schedule:
1) Reduced labor costs of preparing budgets.
2) Reduced the number of errors associated with manual filling.

Implemented a role model to effectively limit access to data from different budgets.
Creating a mobile app for Agrotek sales managers

What they came to us with:
1) Low efficiency of sales. Due to the lack of complete information about customers, insufficient quality of planning and lack of access to data at the time of negotiation, the probability of a successful deal is reduced.
2) Low efficiency of MOP. Due to the lack of possibility to enter data into the system not all the information is digitized quickly + it's necessary to involve office staff for data input. Preparing for negotiations is only possible in the office, which also reduces the productivity of an employee with a traveling nature of work.

What we did:
1) Launched a trial operation of PDA functionality by a group of managers.
2) Implemented client interaction management functionality.
3) Implemented the ability to work offline with the functionality.
4) Created dashboard and reporting system for sales managers. Implemented functionality for fixing customer needs. Implemented functionality for fixing the commercial proposal.
Creation and implementation of ERP-system for e-commerce project SMART BAZAR

The Smart Bazar project is an online platform that provides a wide range of services:
1) Receiving phones on a trade-in program in Svyaznoy and MegaFon communications salons.
2) Diagnostics and full-fledged service on 55 parameters.
3) Data cleaning, restoration of factory settings, hygienic treatment.
4) Customer support at all stages of interaction.

What we did:
Implemented an ERP system based on 1C:UT to manage the key processes of the enterprise:
1) Procurement.
2) Sales.
3) Operational indicators control.

We launched the processes of interaction with partners by blocks:
1) Management of purchases of phones accepted in Trade-In.
2) Logistics management.
3) Management of repairs and pre-sales preparation.

We implemented the online-shop based on 1C-Bitrix24 with individual design.

This allowed:
Launch the business in the shortest possible time by implementing the minimum required functionality of IT systems, namely:
1) Development and launch of the online store.
2) Development and implementation of ERP-system, which provides the basic functions of management and accounting.
3) Provide the ERP development needed to further scale the business.
Stage 1: Preparation and expert presentation of the CP.

Stage 2. Survey and design solution.

We clarify the details of the problem. We study the company's business processes. We explain what and how to improve in order to reduce costs and increase profits. We develop a project solution: a description of the product and target results → road map → project implementation strategy.

Stage 3: Execution of the work.

Step 4. "Combat implementation" with the participation of the client's employees.

Stage 5: Support.
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Boris Kukhlev
CEO bobday