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In order to fully work in 1C it is not enough just to buy a license and provide the firm with the necessary equipment.
To support the performance of the program it is necessary to allocate resources for service, modernization and optimization of implemented systems: it is possible to hire a specialist, laying the cost of paying wages and tax liabilities, but it is better to invite professionals from outside.
In the latter case, it is just about 1C support.
Bobday specialists will help not only to implement, but also to set up accounting systems, offer ITS services, ensure data safety and minimize the cases of failure of individual elements or the system as a whole. Maintenance, consulting, updates, support - all this is included in the list of services.
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We interview key employees and survey the supported information system

Familiarize ourselves with the customer's tools and processes

Agree on communication channels and procedures

Get to work

Pricing for 1C support

We estimate labor costs for each task coming from you and multiply by the hourly rate. Suitable for the establishment of a relationship, allows you to test us "in business" before buying a package solution. It is convenient for you in that you know at once how much you will pay for this or that task, all the risks of undervaluation are borne by us.
Many factors will affect the cost of services to support and upgrade your systems, so we offer the following schemes of interaction with bobday :
Fixed price
After a certain period of work, when the confidence between the client and us has been formed, we can move to a format of permanent employment. We allocate a team of one or more consultants and developers, and they constantly perform the improvements that the client's business needs. The client pays a fixed amount per month for the team according to the selected tariff.
The cost of 1 hour of work
2 550 ₽
2 650 ₽
2 800 ₽
Monthly fee
255,000 ₽/month
132,500 ₽/month
28,000 ₽/month
Volume of included services per month
Up to 100 hours
Up to 50 hours
up to 10 hours
The cost per hour at a fixed price per task, or in the case of work beyond the package.
2 950 ₽
2 950 ₽
2 950 ₽
Before contacting bobday, please check whether you have a valid ITS agreement.
ITS - is a comprehensive support, which the company "1C" together with the franchisee, provides users of software products based on "1C: Enterprise". 1C: ITS is formalized as a software products support contract for a specified number of months. The cost of 1C: ITS, as well as the typical 1C programs are regulated and all franchisee companies the same.

1C support is a set of measures, thanks to which the implemented programs work smoothly and operate at 100%.
Depending on the format of the support service, the list of services can include:
● administration;
Installation and updating of components;
Updating of the configuration to meet the individual needs of users;
Adjustment of the software for various departments, divisions and workplaces;
consulting on the features and advantages of the software product; ● solving technical problems;
● solving technical problems.

Bobday specialists are familiar with the industry specifics and know how to customize the program functionality to meet the needs of any specific department, including accounting, HR, sales, purchasing, and warehousing.

We know how to adapt "Trade Management" for large and small businesses, how to set up "Enterprise Management" for the chemical and mining industry. These are just some of the tasks that we solve as part of a subscription or operational support program 1C:
Provide advice on all matters, organize training seminars and courses for staff
Setting up backup function, so that the client can save data even in case of unforeseen situations
We customize programs taking into account peculiarities of doing business and corporate requirements. We take into account all the nuances, work tasks, licenses, installed CRM, etc.
We distribute access rights, set up a system of delimitation of authority for different groups and individual profiles
We help automate data uploading into 1C from xls, csv files, preventing the appearance of duplicates. The same is done for unloading data, this is especially important for 1C "Trade Management" and similar programs
Configuring exchange plans between different configurations: standard and customized. This is especially important if you want to achieve uniformity of information between departments of the company, counterparties, partners
Connection of additional modules and program lines
Optimize code to make 1C became faster and did not give out errors during operation
We set up and fine-tune costing calculations and month-end closing.
We develop new reports, processing methods, as well as fine-tune existing ones. It's easy to do reporting with 1C
Analyzing and eliminating errors;
Increasing productivity;
Integration with various software and application versions installed by the client;
● Planning and other management tasks are facilitated;
Help upgrade equipment (remotely or on-site) and so on.

All adjustments and improvements to the program are recorded in the corresponding documents, so you will always be able to track the operations carried out, examine the list of modified program components, etc.
We also take care of technical aspects:
Often in search of the most budget-friendly solution, companies consider a variety of performers:
Individual entrepreneurs, self-employed. They are worth engaging if you own a small firm, and the tasks associated with maintenance or administration are one-time and not very complex. The low cost of an hour of work for such a "professional" turns out to be a number of problems: optionality, difficulty in determining actual competence, limited service capabilities, etc. When choosing a performer, pay attention to the reviews.
Resource centers
They rent out their specialists and work according to the outsourcing principle. A good choice if the company has its own experts in the 1C program, but at the moment they cannot come to work: they are on vacation, on sick leave, etc. Also, experts from the resource center are justified, if the implementation or updating of the software product does not have enough professional consultants with narrow specialization. The disadvantage of such a contractor - no status and licenses from 1C, and therefore there is no confirmation of competence and knowledge of the latest software updates. In addition, they will not be able to provide official support within the ITS. Discounts and discounts will help to reduce costs
Official 1C partners
This status is a guarantee of high qualification, because in order to confirm their status experts have to pass regular training with 1C, pass tests and exams, prove their practical skills in real implementations.
Bobday - is an official partner of 1C, which means that we can offer a full range of services to work with software, customer support, concluding a contract for a subscription service or work by the hour. We are located in Krasnodar and Moscow, but thanks to remote technologies we offer remote support and full-fledged consultations all over Russia.
What is included in the cost of our services?
Our company's example. In simple terms, the support of 1C solves problems for IT-management, is responsible for meeting KPIs, but most importantly, eliminates, rather than creating new problems.
In the field of planned maintenance
In work on requests
In functional development
In the area of scheduled maintenance:
● ensuring operation without failures and stoppages;
Creation of an optimal plan of technical works for each base;
Monitoring of the legislation update and timely updating or renewal of solutions;
We undertake organizational questions in the plan of ITS and service.

In work on applications:
● we help you to use the software features correctly and submit reports on time;
Prompt resolution of operational issues without "slowing down" production processes, accounting and tax accounting.

In the area of functional development:
Retooling of software features and individual services as your company develops;
We implement standard solutions taking into account the methodology;
We create individual improvements according to the company's specifics.

By agreeing to 1C support, you will not need to select personnel, monitor and develop their competences, provide executive discipline and quality of service. Instead of spending resources on administration and maintenance of 1C products (Enterprise, ZUP, software for trade, holdings, etc.), configuration of modules, you can focus on the priority business problems.

Why 1C support is profitable?

To ensure the smooth operation of all elements, the organization must find, employ and provide training:
  • 1 programmer to configure the infrastructure, software configuration;
  • 2 employees for the maintenance of employees at their workplaces;
  • 1 architect-developer responsible for the development of the entire system.

Taking into account the taxes for these needs will have to lay about 4 million rubles a year in the payroll, as well as for the maintenance of the unit. The cost of even a subscription service on the maximum professional plan (with a fee every month) will be much lower, and the benefits - much more.
Still have questions?
Leave your contacts, a specialist will contact you shortly for consultation
So that you can make an informed decision, we suggest you start with a consultation, and after that we will prepare a commercial proposal for you, a substantive plan of action and agree on the cost.

Evgeny Belov
technical director bobday