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We develop software to meet your objectives, based on our experience in developing IT products and technologies for different business models, while providing full transparency of the project progress.


You are a startup, and at this stage you need a reliable business partner for the implementation of your ideas or website development.
The market offers many ready-made software solutions, but none of them adequately meets the specifics of the company.
It is necessary to reduce the load
on its own IT department with the help of third-party developers: to solve programming tasks in a short time and meet the specified budget parameters.
The task of automating business processes, expert software solutions and assistance with its implementation and support are needed.
New tasks with a limited timeframe have appeared, and your team is busy with the main project. Our support will help you close burning needs and your system will be up and running again.
If your company has stopped growing without service-oriented software. We offer the opportunity to get complete high-level solutions for the development of automation systems and applications on IOS and Android.
forms of cooperation in the development of SOFTWARE
Before you choose any of the collaboration models,
it is important to consider the specifics and complexity of your project, existing problems, goals and the desired result.

If in doubt, please consult our experts who will help you choose the most cost-effective cooperation option with bobday.
possible ways of working
IT Outstaffing

  • This involves hiring developers to temporarily expand the existing internal team;
  • The customer remains in control of the process;
  • Requirements for the development team are negotiated before the contract is signed.
Time and Materials (T&M) scheme.
  • Suitable for use when it is necessary to "offload" own development, reduce technical debt, optimize the analysis process, and outsource part of the project tasks to a contractor;
  • Assumes an hourly rate, where the cost per hour is fixed, but the total number of hours is not.
A fixed rate per task
  • Software or application programming for small or urgent projects with clear, stable and established requirements;
  • The cost of the task is fixed and negotiated before the project is completed.
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needs assessment
Gathering information about the project, analysis of existing needs and necessary documentation.
Designing the basis for the future software
We develop a methodology, draft a statement of work and a work plan, and form future project architecture
PROJECT REALIZATION - Software creation
Direct development of software or a mobile application, testing the service on different types of devices.
Deployment of software
At this stage is the integration of new systems in the work of the enterprise, instructing and training employees of the organization in the use of software or an application.
end of work
Often after the end of the project, we work with clients in terms of support for the implemented software
How the project is implemented
The project is implemented in several iterations - in sprints.

This approach allows us to fully control the process of work and test the quality of the product at all stages of development and adjust the terms of reference.
Our team: For many years we have managed Magnit's IT team. Now we share our experience, expert information and ready-made software solutions with you.
How we created a platform that helps get rid of the chaos of employee assessment and development. The implemented system will become the magic button that, when pressed, will give you the perfect team for your business tasks.
Stack: JavaScript, ExtJs, Vue.js, Python, Flask, Celery, Redis, Postgresql
The platform is designed specifically for associations and event organizers to strengthen the information interaction with their members and partners, creating successful communities with common goals and interests. By spending just 10-15 minutes you will get a ready-to-use website with your event description, the ability to send out invitations and receive high quality feedback after the event.
Stack: JavaScript, Vue.js, Python, Flask, Celery, Redis, Postgresql
Unfortunately, project financing in Russia is not developed and has stopped at the level of corporate or state financing programs. That is why our customer, the IPI Lab, has set itself the challenging goal of organizing a change management environment for any project. The condition of maximum possible reduction of uncertainty and risks must be fulfilled in order to bring the venture project to the replication stage.
Stack: JavaScript, jQery, Vue.js, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Postgresql
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Our clients
What we can do
Software development is a service of creating a personalized program, which takes into account the peculiarities of your business processes and helps to simplify and automate more tasks. The program takes into account your needs and after testing is built into the system.
We have been a trusted software development contractor for many years. Our programmers have extensive experience in website software development as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS. We specialize in writing software code of any complexity in various programming languages

We fulfill our obligations for software development on time and in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Why do you need development?
  • There are many off-the-shelf programs and platforms, but a closer analysis of the market reveals that none of them is a universal solution that suits the specifics of the company. The optimal option is to order your own software as a complex project management system

  • Creation of a new unique product will help to optimize your work, reduce the time spent on technical operations, increase service quality and user satisfaction, taking into account constantly changing market demands.

  • Tailor-made software to meet your needs in terms of optimization, interface, features and security requirements. We are ready to offer the most effective solutions - from the development of business applications to the integration of the finished product into the company's information system.
12 tips for choosing an IT contractor
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Ivan Krolivets
development director