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Mobile development

The statistics of the recent years is very eloquent: the number of mobile users and app downloads grows day by day. On average, users spend up to 4 hours on applications and actively shop online. And the amounts of transactions as well as their number are constantly increasing.

Online business, remote management, automation of personnel work, convenient client service - this is only a small part of the opportunities for using mobile applications. We create corporate and commercial applications of any scale and complexity, we take on the full production cycle - from idea generation to full launch, from prototyping to technical support and project development.

Sales growth

According to the digital platform Criteo, Android and iOS mobile applications generate up to 47% of sales from the corresponding devices. Moreover, conversion in the app is 3 times higher than on the mobile site, and the total number of sales in this area is growing year by year.
Why is it worth paying maximum attention to the development of projects for smartphones?
  1. Proper usability of the app allows you to take an action in lesser amount of body movements, including "one tap" or voice input.
  2. Applications load faster and react to human actions, so they are more convenient to use.
Increased customer loyalty

A competent, convenient and fast mobile application is a very serious contribution to customer loyalty. You can order from us special software with bonuses, promotions or discounts for authorized clients, or opt for a variant with useful functionality, which will help to qualitatively facilitate the life of clients or save their time.
A mobile app can be taught to analyze information about a customer in the same way that websites do. In this case, the portrait of the target audience will be more accurate due to the fact that the smartphone is always at hand to manage these actions.
Increased repeat purchases

A web site still needs to be accessed, while an Android or other OS app is always at your fingertips. An icon on the smartphone screen serves as a constant reminder for customers. Why look for a product or service somewhere else when you can order it online right here, right now? Our latest technology and native apps will save you time and money!
However, not only an icon, but also a push notification, animation or video can remind you of promotions or sales, remind you of items in your cart and other ways to attract attention to your company or brand.
Average check growth

Marketers say mobile apps have higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates during the final stages of a purchase than website pages. Plus, authorized users find it easier to send personalized offers and app-sells. To accept payment, mWe'll help you implement 1-click payment through your mobile app using a bank card, mobile wallet, or Google Pay. Stored data will save time and increase conversion rates, because the fewer actions required to make a purchase, the lower the risk of rejection at the final stage.
Business process automation

Phone applications are a new stage in business automation. And not only can corporate software for "internal use" work in this direction, but products for clients as well. It is like with cab applications: not only do they speed up cab calls, but they also automate the acceptance, processing, and transmission of the orders to service providers.
Communication with the customer

With the app it will be possible to stop sending SMS or e-mail. All information can be delivered in a convenient and clear format: directly on the screen with push notifications, in the application - through new sections, texts or infographics.
Add to this online chats with managers or support service: many customers often do not like to solve problems over the phone, preferring to correspondence. This way they can ask any question and quickly get answers without face-to-face contact.
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What does the cost of the application depend on?

The main factors affecting the pricing:
  1. Design. The more screens, menu items, and other elements in the application, the more expensive. The designer can help you choose a ready-made layout or develop an interesting individual solution for your application.
  2. Functionality. The principle is the same here - the more the app can do, the more expensive it is in development.
  3. The platform. A product only for Android or only for iOS is cheaper than software which can work in both operating systems. We can offer cross-platform variants - one code for both operating systems at once, or develop separate applications for each system. The first option is convenient if you do not need complex functions in your software, and the second - if you need to implement an unusual design or complex functionality, and increase stability and safety.
  4. The server. If you already have one, or need to connect it to 1C or other programs, the cost of the work will be a few thousand less. If the developer is required to form mechanisms from scratch, it will increase the size of the final rates.
  5. Testing, implementation, support. The more complex the project, the more expensive it is.

Stages of mobile app development

If you do not have a clear technical task, marketing idea has not yet visited you, if you have only a rough idea of what application you need - call us. Our business analysts based on their knowledge and experience are ready to draw up goals and objectives in the form of a visual presentation, study mobile solutions of your competitors and form a concept taking into account the type and peculiarities of your business. If necessary, it can be developed into a prototype or a fully functional product.
Stages of mobile app development
At bobday, we adhere to the following algorithm:
  1. Analysis and analytics. We immerse ourselves in your business, analyze the goals and objectives, take into account the specifics of the market, your wishes and requirements, so that the final result you are fully satisfied. We prepare a project for further approval.
  2. UX/UI designing. We create a comfortable and balanced interface, taking into account the guiding principles and needs of the end user. We work through the design.
  3. Generating code and creating the application. Conveying ideas into clean code. Implementation of programming.
  4. Testing. Checking how the product works in all modes, finding and eliminating errors.
  5. Support. Keeping your application working properly, as well as ensuring its availability to your customers.
  6. Optional. Reconfiguration for new features. Release of the new version of the software by our developers. Publication in the App Store and Google Play.

If there is no ready-made solution on the market for your needs, we will gladly develop it for you. We use agile methodology to implement projects and tasks - we strive to break long-term plans into short iterations (sprints) of 1-2 weeks duration.
At the end of each sprint we hold a demo for the customer, where we show the implemented functionality.
If necessary we change the priorities for the next tasks.
The cost of application development on iOS and Android
Popular mobile app options
Convenient point of sale
Loyalty service
Customer support
Content Delivery
Interactive services
Corporate tool for internal use
Convenient point of sales: Suitable for online stores, delivery services, companies implementing educational courses, etc. The software acts as a showcase, an online cash register, as well as a channel for advertising and communication with customers, and facilitates the promotion of goods and services. If desired, we can add: catalog, promotions and discounts section, online chat, vishlist, shopping cart and checkout system, payment acceptance, push notifications and much more.
Loyalty service (marketing, advertising) - is suitable when the business model does not provide for online sales. The app can show the current catalog or list of promotions, save customer card information or a list of future purchases, give a discount at checkout.
Customer support: The optimal choice for telecom operators and providers, Internet services, as well as any company that needs constant feedback from the client, solving their problems in time. The application allows you to quickly process a client's request, as well as encourage repeat purchases by push notifications with information about new discounts, promotions, etc. If necessary, our developers will connect a bot to automate the work of the support department: receiving and processing requests or feedback, issuing information, connecting or disconnecting services, etc.

Content Delivery. This may be a full-featured product for media resources, allowing users to read news and new articles, participate in discussions and search for information. As an alternative, it can be content as an additional function. For example, in an app for a real estate agency, you can publish useful articles, lawyers' comments, the best solutions for redevelopment, portfolios, etc. in a separate section.

Interactive services: for training, bookkeeping or accounting of personal finances, finding a job or a contractor, as well as digital libraries, cloud storage, and so on. A lighter version is also possible if your business is not focused on the provision of services - for example, in an application for the fitness room you can implement several useful tools: a workout planner, calorie calculator, "reminder" of taking vitamins and supplements, exercise search, etc.

A corporate tool for internal use - automates processes and ensures communication. For example, a salesperson will not need to call the warehouse to clarify the availability of a particular item: he will see all the information in real time in the mobile app, including information on how quickly the necessary goods will be delivered.

In addition, in any application on Android or other operating systems, you can implement additional mini-scenarios: a navigator, which can help you find a convenient route from your current location to the company office or the nearest store, gamification elements, and so on.
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