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1C support prices

We estimate labor costs for each task coming from you and multiply by the hourly rate. Suitable for establishing a relationship, allows you to test us "in the case" before buying a package deal. It is convenient for you because you know at once how much you will pay for this or that task, all the risks of undervaluation are borne by us.
Many factors will affect the cost of services for the development, performance optimization and upgrade of your systems, so we offer you the following schemes of interaction with bobday :
Fixed Price
After a certain period of work, when the trust between the client and us has been formed, we can move to a permanent employment format. We allocate a team of one or more consultants and developers, and they permanently carry out the improvements needed for the client's business. The client pays a fixed amount per month for the team according to the chosen tariff.
The cost of 1 hour of work
2 550 ₽
2 650 ₽
2 800 ₽
Monthly fee
255,000 ₽/month
132,500 ₽/month
28,000 ₽/month
Volume of included services per month
up to 100 hours
up to 50 hours
up to 10 hours
The cost per hour at a fixed price per task, or in the case of work beyond the scope of the package.
2 950 ₽
2 950 ₽
2 950 ₽
Before contacting bobday, please check whether you have a valid ITS agreement.
ITS - is a comprehensive support, which the company "1C" together with the franchisee, provides users of software products based on "1C: Enterprise". 1C:ITS is issued in the form of a software products support contract for a certain number of months. The cost of 1C: ITS, as well as the typical programs 1C, are regulated and all franchisee companies the same.
Discounted conditions for 1C:ITS support
We offer you to take advantage of beneficial conditions of 1C:ITS support. You can choose one of two options:
Free subscription for 3 months ITS: PROF
When buying a standard 1C program (except for basic versions). You can choose the first 3 months of free service or you can use the second option and sign a contract for a year paying only for 8 months.

30% discount for 1 year subscription
When buying 1C software (except for basic versions). You pay only for 8 months and get 4 months for free!
The cost of 1C:ITS contract
With Continuous Renewal
On renewal of the contract
Type of contract
For 3 months
for 6 months
for 12 months
for 24 months
IPS PROF Standard
17 556 ₽
32 470 ₽
59 416 ₽
112 069 ₽
9 894 ₽
17 869 ₽
33 816 ₽
60 869 ₽
Type of contract
for 3 months
for 6 months
for 12 months
for 24 months
KP ITS PROF Standard
16 386 ₽
32 004 ₽
62 172 ₽
11 871 ₽
21 440 ₽
40 572 ₽
Need help in choosing the tariff
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