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We can automate the entire operating circuit of the enterprise and its individual areas, depending on customer needs.

Software products

Business processes that can and must be automated:

● Managerial accounting and preparation of IFRS reporting;
Budgeting and Treasury;
Accounting and tax accounting;
Personnel accounting and payroll calculation;
Production management; ● Cost control; ● Payroll accounting; ● HR accounting and payroll; ● Production management;
Production management; ● Cost management and cost calculation;
Production management; ● Cost management; ● Production cost calculation; ● Sales management;
● Procurement management;
Document management.
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Automation of business processes in Moscow increases the efficiency of organizations and manufacturing companies, increases sales in trade (retail or small stores of the format "at home"). Ambitious goals are achievable on condition that a competent team works systematically on the project.

By implementing the latest IT-technologies and electronic platforms we get impressive results on the entrusted project:
  • automation of document flow - preparation of commercial offers, invoices, certificates, financial reports and other papers now does not distract from the main activity;
  • increased productivity, increased profits;
  • attraction of competent specialists;
  • implementation of new electronic software;
  • reduction of costs and expenses;
  • continuity and optimization of all stages of production;
  • Increased quality of services and expansion of clientele.

BOBDAY's pool of specialists develops and implements new software and effective technologies for interaction and customer service in the customer's business. Often the communication functionality already used in the company is optimized, information platforms are developed.


The software in use does not meet the needs of the company. Requires the development of specialized IT-products, setting up information technology to automate data collection and accounting information.

There are a lot of manual operations in business. Work resources are wasted on one-type tasks, employees are distracted by routine to the detriment of the main directions. And these activities are easily "transferred" to automated platforms.

Imperfect workflow architecture. Outdated equipment is used, there is no unified information environment for common tasks. All this slows down the work process and affects staff efficiency.

Business growth stalls. Profits aren't growing, and in some periods are even declining. There are failures of worked out stages, internal and external communications. Few new customers, customer visits to electronic resources do not convert.

Requires the transfer of part of the business to an online environment with the organization of online sales. Automation is relevant to any organizations, enterprises and even factories with heavy equipment, if their location - Moscow and the region with the scaling of business in other regions.

What systems we implement
We implement and support the following systems

  • CRM. It optimizes interaction with the customer, manages solutions, orders and customer services of the organization.
  • BPM. The platform is suitable for competitive businesses with frequent changes in product lines and services, the introduction of new solutions and production processes. It automates all the work through a straight-through user interaction.
  • ERM. The system forms a unified data warehouse of your organization with simultaneous access of authorized employees.
  • ECM. The platform offers ready modules for information processing. Heterogeneous data are integrated into a single database of business processes. This is an effective solution for the complete transfer of document management into an automated format.
  • Comprehensive IT-optimization will require custom software development, formation of company databases, analytics and data management (BigData).
What tasks are solved by automation
of business processes
Work on the project begins with a study of the business and identification of its vulnerabilities. The survey is conducted by experienced IT-specialists, experts in the field of management, production, commerce and communication systems. After internal and external production processes are tested, the most promising directions for implementation of IT technologies are determined.

Most often we have to work on the following tasks:
Minimization of the "human factor"
Automation of business processes reduces the number of errors of operators of any process, eliminates a biased approach in the analysis of the situation in the enterprise.
Standardization of business
Standard interfaces of business processes allow you to easily introduce and train new employees. Without significant expenses of the company. The employee simply follows a standard cliché of systems when performing their duties.
Transparent Structure Analysis
Complete statistics are accumulated by the automation of data collection. Every step is saved in the structured database, allows unbiased analysis of management decisions and results, forecasts the prospects of the whole production or separate works.
Control of all costs and expenses
With the help of special programs it is possible to get a complete picture of production, to see miscalculations in the organization of the main stages. For example, workers do not use materials economically, and managers take a long time to process orders. The problem of control is solved by metrics, which are collected by IT-platform.
Modernization of production and business growth
It is advantageous to automate basic work processes. For example, the registration of visitors, service for orders and work with clients, synchronization of production lines and equipment, presentation of the assortment of goods, products and services. This is where software platforms with sorting, filtering, loading, setting up and systematizing data are effective.
For clients throughout Russia (including Moscow), we will develop a ready-made IT optimization project for any business area from small business to a holding company. We offer two basic options: the conversion of specific areas into an effective system, or full automation.
Goal setting
Communication with the customer team. At this step it is important to clarify automation tasks and draw up a project terms of reference. We will clarify expectations of partners, help define priorities on the basis of best practices in similar businesses.
Collaboration planning
We offer individual stages of automation and elaborate options of project implementation. We structure the entire process in detail, calculate the necessary resources and time for IT-optimization.
Creation of an electronic service
Maximum transparency in interaction with customers. The customer from Moscow and other regions can observe our work and the automation of business processes in real time in a special application. Our electronic system is also a convenient way to display current results and promptly discuss the project.
Formation and registration of our team
Specialists with relevant experience and competencies are to work on the project of modernization of business processes. These are UX-designers, programmers for all platforms, and analysts.
Support of the created IT-products with staff training
We provide maintenance of software hosted on Google Play and AppStore services. We study user behavior, conduct A/B testing and plan further work.
After implementing all the automation steps our clients get ready-to-use projects for a particular business and budget, taking into account the peculiarities of the company and the qualifications of the staff. Making your business better is easy, you just need to start.