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Automation of manual budget planning process
at "Agrotek" agricultural holding company.
about the customer
"Agrotek" is the largest distributor of global producers of PPC, seeds and micronutrients in Russia. The company No.1 in Russia for the sale of DuPont, BASF products.

The group consists of 5 large enterprises and more than 40 small ones. Functions of the central office are divided between Moscow and Krasnodar.
The problem with which they came
Budgeting process is unstable and takes too long because of manual labor

Plan-fact analysis is delayed due to a lot of manual labor

Due to lack of clear regulations, errors and inconsistencies in budget line item attribution were made during budgeting.
The described problems were blocking for the organization of a full-fledged budgeting process of the Group of companies.
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Project Description
The challenge of the project was to set up the budgeting forms using the typical functionality of the budgeting system, according to the regulation on budgeting prepared by the customer.

The holding company's budgeting model is complex and includes about 25 budgets.


Fully automated and customized budgeting:
  • Created a staffing schedule storage structure.
  • Developed payroll budgeting tools.
  • We set up budget forms, algorithms of filling and consolidation of budget items, reports, accounting.
Regulated the business process of budgeting and budget model
Developed tools for automated filling of budgets
Based on sales plans, staff schedule
  • Reduced labor costs for budget preparation.
  • Reduced the number of errors associated with manual input.
Implemented a role model that allows you to effectively limit user access to data from different budgets
Features of the client's business
Features of the business, due to which we had to add a standard version of the product being implemented.
New data storage structures were developed and mechanisms of budgeting were updated in order to preserve more complex standard functionality of budgeting and reporting, since the management structure of the group of companies differs significantly from the regulated one
A new document for the budgeting of the payroll fund has been developed, since the performance of the typical subsystem does not allow to process large amounts of information efficiently, and the budgeting of the payroll fund by the Customer is carried out for each employee
The roles are added and access mechanisms are finalized on the level of records to take into account the specifics of the access regulations of employees responsible for budgeting
Mechanisms for automated filling budgets based on sales plans, staffing structure, as non-typical mechanisms with advanced analytics are used for sales plans and management staffing structure by the customer
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